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Hair Loss
Causes & Effects

Hair comes in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and conditions. To keep hair healthy and attractive, proper attention must be given to its care and treatment.

Because hair follicles cycle through three stages (growth, degeneration and rest) at different intervals, a certain amount of hair is shed daily (while in the rest stage) - nature's method of making way for new hair. The average daily shedding is estimated at 75-150 hairs. Hair loss beyond this indicates a scalp or hair abnormality.

Hair Cycle ChartHair will naturally regrow following the rest stage. Hair depends on the papilla for its growth and regeneration. Within the papilla is a rich blood and nerve supply which provides nourishment to the hair bulb. As long as the papilla is not destroyed, or another force does not inhibit growth, hair will grow again - continuing on with the life cycle.

In regards to hair loss, there are certain circumstances that are unavoidable, such as genetics or illness. However, there are many factors that can be avoided by a change in lifestyle or environment. In certain situations, treatments are available to help prevent a problem, stop it or possibly even reverse it.

Many variables can contribute to the irregular loss of hair. Stress, diet, hair and scalp condition - even physical constitution - will affect hair loss.

You may suffer from hair loss if you:

  • have any family member who has thin hair or hair loss
  • drink an excessive amount of caffeinated beverages
  • have poor eating habits
  • smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day
  • live a stressful life
  • shampoo only twice per week
  • apply hair lotion on an unclean scalp
  • have a build-up of hair care products and topical lotions

The degree of hair loss varies among individuals and circumstances.

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