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Q: Will Hair Support grow hair?


We have customers who have said Hair Support accelerates their hair growth. Trials with chemotherapy patients have shown that Hair Support can accelerate hair restoration in half the time. Participants used the entire program: Hair Support Shampoo, Overnight Treatment, Conditioner and Hair Loss Vitamins. Hair Support has been shown to promote healthier, faster growing and stronger hair.

Q: Is there any way to speed up the results?


Faster results can be achieved for some depending on how diligently you use Hair Support's patented treatment, shampoo, conditioner and vitamins. The condition of your scalp and the cause of your hair loss are also factors. Faster results can be achieved when Professional Hair Support treatments are performed by a Certified Hair Support Hair Restoration Expert. There is a listing of those experts on this website. Aggressive use of home and professional treatments can net you faster results.

Q: Do I have to get professional treatments?


Choosing Professional treatments is up to you. Being in the hands of an expert is always an advantage. A hair restoration expert understands hair loss and can advise you as to what is best for you. An examination of your hair to determine its condition, including moisture content, will be assessed to establish the current status of your hair and scalp and a personal treatment plan will be designed for you by your certified expert.

Q: I color my hair. Will Hair Support affect my color?


It will not affect your hair color if you use the Hair Support Color Retention Shampoo.

Q: Will Hair Support interfere with any medications I am taking internally that have been prescribed by my doctor?


No. The Hair Support Program will not interfere with your medications. Hair Support has no medications in its formulations and will not interfere with what your doctor has prescribed for you.

Medications can play a big part in hair loss, and some medications will cause hair loss such as thyroid, high blood pressure or chemotherapy medications. Hair Support will help keep the scalp in healthy condition for the best possible hair growth.

Q: Will Hair Support be affected by hair loss medications I'm on?


No. Hair Support will not be affected by any medications you are on. The more you use Hair Support, the healthier your hair will be. You can stop and start Hair Support - There's NO REVERSAL OF RESULTS.

However, if you are using medication laden products like Rogaine, Minoxidil and Propecia, and you stop their use, you can experience hair loss. Hair Support can be used in conjunction with any hair restoration medication on the market today.

Q: Can I shampoo with Hair Support every day?


Yes. You can shampoo your hair every day with Hair Support.

Q: Can I use styling products on my hair if I'm using Hair Support?


Yes. You can use styling products on your hair every day. However, hair styling products such as heavy mousses, gels and hair sprays containing resins and polymers can clog hair follicles and can contribute to hair loss.

Hair Support created a healthy super lightweight water soluble Foam Styling Mousse for volumizing fine thin hair which is specially designed to create the volume you're seeking by increasing the health of your hair and not damaging your scalp.

Q: Why are Hair Support Vitamins important?


Hair Support Vitamins are important because they give you all the essential vitamins necessary for healthy hair growth that a lot of people do not receive from their normal diet.

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